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    365 Day Warranty

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    A nice post in this thread explaining your prescription can be found.

    A pair of low Converses would go perfectly with this outfit.

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    A pair of our exclusive Derek Cardigan glasses, such as the frames, are the ideal style to replicate this look.

    And that's more than possible thanks to the wide array of eyeglasses out there today, from recognized designer names to the lesser-known brands.

    BB: My new book, Everything Eyes, comes out in April.

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    Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Kate Hudson have been rocking keyhole frames everywhere from the silver screen to the red carpet.

    Children s glasses are specially crafted for a youngster s active lifestyle.

    Choose an appropriate material Older women often need to wear eyeglasses for extended periods of time.

    Cool (blue or pink) undertones look best with silver, pewter, pink, blue, violet or black eyeglass frames.

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